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Dog Friendly Hotels In Camden Maine

List and Policies of Dog Friendly Hotels In Camden Maine

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dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine

Will Fido Be Welcome?

Are you traveling to Maine? Would you like to bring your dog with you? Camden Maine is a great place to see in Maine. It is a lovely coastal village that many dog-friendly people visit. It is oft commented that Camden Maine has gone to the dogs. But it is not meant as an insult. Both residents and visitors alike are enamored of their canine companions. There are many shops in town, including the bank and the pharmacy that permit owners accompanied by their dogs. The Camden Public Library even has a program where new readers practice by reading to a big ole’ friendly dog on the carpet in the Camden Public Library. Read on to find out which hotels accept dogs…

Specifics on Dog Friendly Hotels

Camden Maine has many hotels. There are hotels, motels, inns and bed and breakfasts in Camden – but which hotels permit dogs? Which inns and b&bs permit dogs? The terms and conditions vary. The extra charges range from free to $135 per night. There are room restrictions and weight restrictions, and the kinds of hotels vary quite a bit in amenities price and views.
This article lists those dog friendly hotels that are listed in CamdenMaineBnB.com. CamdenMaineBnB.com presents a selection of hotels in Camden all of which are in fantastic locations – right in town and within walking of the major attractions. You will not find all hotels, but a selection of the best, which are representative of the quality available at a range of rates and amenities from luxury boutique, with fine dining, to budget hotels.
But which hotels are dog friendly?
Here are list of hotels that you can Price Your Stay at right on our site, which are dog friendly. The Lord Camden Inn (hotel), the Camden Harbour Inn (boutique inn with fine dining), the Grand Harbor Inn (boutique hotel with oceanfront water views), The Camden Riverhouse Hotel (family friendly hotel), the Inns At Blackberry Common (traditional bed and breakfast with culinary interest).
More Details of the Dog Friendly Hotel Policies in Camden Maine

The Lord Camden Inna Dog Friendly Hotel

  • Weight Limit – only dogs under 25lbs
  • Room Limit – a limited number of rooms so call first – 5 rooms
  • Extra Charge – $25 per night

The Camden Harbour Inna Dog Friendly Hotel

  • Room Limit- one room only – the New Amsterdam Suite
  • Extra Charge – $135 per night

The Grand Harbor Inna Dog Friendly Hotel

  • Room Limit – Permitted in Five Rooms
    1. Room 4 – A Waterfront King Deluxe Room
    2. Room 5 – A Waterfront King Suite
    3. Room 7 – A Grand Suite with 2 Twin Beds
    4. Room 10 – A Grand Suite with a King Bed
    5. Room 11 – A Deluxe Grand King Room
  • Extra Charge $35 per night

The Camden Riverhousea Dog Friendly Hotel

The Camden Riverhouse has the most explicit and therefore extensive dog friendly policy.

  • Room Limit – no more than 5 dogs are permitted on the property at any given date, and only on the first floor.
  • Extra Charge – None. The Riverhouse does not charge extra for a dog.
  • Allows dogs on first floor.
  • Has a Pet Policy that requires that the dog is never left alone in the room. If the owner leaves the dog in the room there is a $100 charge. They do not allow more than 5 dogs at any one time. The dog must be clean and flea-treated before arrival. They require you to bring dog bedding and dishes, to clean up after the dog in designated dog walking area, and to not permit the dog on any of the furniture in the room.

Inns At Blackberry Commona Dog Friendly Hotel

The Inns At Blackberry Common allow dogs in several first floor rooms which have their own private entrances, at an additional cost.

  • Room Limits – only permitted in certain rooms
  • First floor rooms with private entrances
  • Additional Fee is Required – But Not Specified

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